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Shisha City was founded with a simple idea in mind, sell shisha for the lowest price in the United States.
Our selection is admittedly not the largest online, yet.  The prices though, they are the best.  Please, compare with other sites.  If we have overlooked someone please send us a link so that we can check out the competition and be sure to lower our prices.  Our selection will grow and our prices will continue to fall as this City grows and grows.
Lowest Price was our first guiding principle, our second was Simplicity. 
Shisha City does not offer package deals.  We do not offer promotions.  No sales.  No buy on get one.  Who wants to shop for tobacco with a calculator in one hand and a hose in the other?!  We noticed that so many sites are cluttered with offers that have us scratching our head to see if we are even saving any money when we spend more.  In the City, everything is simple.
Simple.  Lowest Price.
Welcome to Shisha City. 

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