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Tangiers Special Edition Flavors Are Here!

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Tangiers Special Edition flavors are an interesting addition to the already fantastic product line Tangiers provides, offering unique, oftentimes seasonal flavors that taste great, and provide the quality you've come to expect from this brand. We currently have the Pear-Watermelon and Rangoon Sunrise flavors up to grab, in 100g and 250g pouches! 

Pear-Watermelon tastes exactly like you'd expect, a strong front hit of juicy watermelon, with a nice throat hit of refreshing pear. 

Rangoon Sunrise, on the other hand, tastes nothing like Crab Rangoon, thank the stars. Instead, a strong taste of old school bubble gum brands shines through, with a subtle watermelon undertone. Both flavors are excellent to ring in the fall season, and are sure to fly off the shelves!

Experience for yourself these Special Edition flavors before they're gone! Where is Tangeirs? Available now at Shisha City!

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